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Keynote title: Multichannel surface EMG: detection techniques and signal processing
Dr. Matteo Beretta Piccoli Dr. Matteo Beretta Piccoli
Lugano – Switzerland

Keynote Title:  Multichannel surface EMG: detection techniques and signal processing
Abstract: Surface EMG techniques developed considerably in the last twenty years. The methodology is now mature for selected applications in ergonomics, space, sport, and rehabilitation medicine. Multichannel surface EMG signal is rich of information concerning central and peripheral mechanisms of muscle activation, motor unit control strategies, and fatigue. The aim of the course is to provide the basis for EMG detection and signal processing, allowing the audience to learn how to apply multichannel EMG to sport science with a theoretical and practical hands-on session. Details of the workshop: Introduction to the course, presentation of SUPSI and of the research group. Basic principles of surface EMG generation. The volume conductor and the tissue filter. Single fiber potential, motor unit potential, end of fiber effect, travelling and non travelling signal components. Crosstalk. Basic principles of signal processing. Amplitude and frequency parameters of the EMG. Detection modalities and spatial filters. Information content of the EMG signal. Reduction of noise and interference. Amplitude and spectral variables. Global estimates of conduction velocity. Fractal dimension. The relationship between EMG and muscle force. Myoelectric manifestations of muscle fatigue during sustained contractions. Central and peripheral fatigue. Applications in ergonomics, sport, and rehabilitation. Types of electrodes, examples of signals, audio EMG, Spectral and detection features. EMG detection modalities and spatial filters. Needle electrodes, bipolar electrodes, arrays, grids, concentric rings, different geometries. Detection systems available on the market, amplifiers, wireless systems. Acquisition software, introduction to OTBiolab. Practical application. Introduction to multichannel EMG hardware and software. Multichannel EMG detection. Detection of the innervation zone, fiber length, propagating potentials, single MUAPs and estimation of conduction velocity. Skin preparation, application of adhesive arrays. Myoelectric manifestations of muscle fatigue during sustained contractions. Shifts in the position of innervation zone, the fatigue plot.

Brief biography

Matteo Beretta-Piccoli graduated in biology at the University of Milan (Italy) in 2003. In 2006 he joined the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland as lecturer and researcher. Actually he teaches neurophysiology in the Bachelor programs of physiotherapy and ergotherapy, and his research interests are related to the neuromuscular system and to fundamental and applied surface electromyography.