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Keynote title: Physical Exercise and Oncological Disease
Prof.  José Soares Prof. José Soares
University of Porto
Porto - Portugal

Keynote Title: Physical exercise and oncological disease
Abstract: Exercise is known as a very important tool to prevent some types of cancer, with special reference for colon, breast, prostate and lung. In addition to the effect on prevention, exercise can have a very important role in relieving some signs, symptoms and consequences of the cancer. Exercise can mitigate the effects of cancer-related fatigue, counter act the loss muscle mass induced by the pro-inflammatory milieu as well as by the treatments (eg. chemotherapy, radiotherapy), decreasing nausea and improving mobility and the quality of life. In this speech, the author will present a program with women breast cancer patients (Mama Help) and a new project of clinical exercise for other cancer patients.

Brief biography

Jose Soares is full professor at the Faculty of Sports, University of Porto and he is head of the Laboratory of Physiology. He teaches Postgraduate courses in Sports Medicine and Geriatrics at medical University of the University of Porto. Currently holds the position of Coordinator of the Unit Clinical Exercise Unit of the CUF Institute - Porto and is Weight Management consultant at Medical Exercise Clinic of Porto. Over the past 20 years he has been a consultant and member of technical teams of several National Football and Handball teams. He has also published 5 books and over 60 articles in international peer-reviewed journals.