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Keynote title: Strength training and physiological tests applied to elderly people
Prof. António de Paz Prof. António de Paz
University of Leon
León - Spain

There has been a growing recognition of the role that the of muscle mass, strength and muscle power have on morbidity and mortality, functional independence, quality of life, metabolic homeostasis and even the immune balance. For that reason at the moment, in any program of physical exercise oriented to the health for adults, the training of the different manifestations from the force has an important role.
We will make a brief revision of the main consensus and recommendations for a program of strength training in the elderly. We discuss the main approaches to these training programs: primarily toward developing maximal strength or to the development of muscular power.
Relevance, safety and repeatability of assessing maximal strength (1RM) in the population, and the appropriateness of the assessment of muscle power will be explained.
The main protocols for the evaluation of the maximum force will be reviewed and the main methodologies for the evaluation of the power.
It will conclude with a practical part, which shall be 1RM testing of several muscular groups in older people. Also of the power with several resistance, in different muscular groups.

Brief biography

António de Paz is currently full professor at Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Léon, Spain and has been invited to lecture in several south-America universities. He is graduated in medicine and surgery by the University of Oviedo- Spain and he completed his PhD on physiological acute responses to exercise. He has more than 60 peer-reviewed publications on exercise prescription for special populations with compromised health (elderly people, patients with chronic renal diseases, chronic back pain and multiple sclerosis).