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Keynote title: Sports Nutrition
Prof. José Augusto dos Santos  Prof. José Augusto dos Santos
University of Porto

Keynote Title:Nutrition for health; nutrition for sports
Human nutrition is full of misconceptions that urges overcome. There are no miracle foods or foods to condemn. The food is above all a question of balance and common sense. Tens of thousands of years of human evolution were accompanied by the adaptation of man to specific foods of each geographic region. The food has evolved alongside the man, answering to nutritional requirements of each human or pre-human group. The problems arising from the feeding are recent and strongly correlated with the sedentary lifestyle that characterizes much of modern societies. Therefore, human nutrition at present, must be corrected to not accentuate the dangers of inactivity and other negative health habits. However, the athlete’s nutrition, in particular in some sports, escapes this corrective vision and should be directed to meet the demands of elite sport. The focus of this workshop will be to determine the nutritional requirements of some human groups through the analysis of the following parameters: (i) basal metabolism, (ii) food and thermogenesis (III) rate of physical activity.

Brief biography

José Augusto dos Santos is associate Professor at Faculty of Sports, University of Porto. He coordinates several research projects on different scientific areas (nutrition, biochemistry, immunology and physiology) related to sports. Over the past years he has been sports nutrition consultant for elite athletes and he has been also coach of rowers and canoeist athletes. In 2000 and 2004 is has been member of the technical teams of the National Football Team. He also has published several articles in international peer-reviewed journals on sports nutrition and exercise physiology area.