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Keynote title: The application of Matlab to sports performance analysis
Prof. Luís Vilar  Prof. Luís Vilar
Technical University of Lisbon

Keynote Title: Application of Matlab to sports teams performance analysis
One of the contemporary trends of game analysis in team sports is the analysis of spatial-temporal relationships that players establish, with key physical constraints of the game, such as the location of the ball and the goals. This arise from the natural technological evolution, which gives the positional coordinates of the players and ball with a frequency greater than 15 Hz. Processing of these data in Matlab application allows to compute different variables, whose relevance has been identified in recent research, and realize their dynamically over time. For example, game analysts and researchers have used this application to understand the association between the dynamics of the distances between rows of a team or the speed at which the defenses are able to close spaces between them, and the high performance of players and teams in sports teams.
This workshop aims to present the features and working environment of Matlab. Simultaneously it will be present some of the main functions that participants can use to write your code computing in future investigations. The workshop will has as methodology the solving-problem approach based in type-match analysis. Possible solutions will be discussed and interpreted step-by-step from their computational code.

Brief biography

Luís Vilar obtained his PhD in Sports Sciences, in 2012, investigating the informational constraints on attacker and defender performance in futsal. Currently, he is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Human Kinetics/Technical University of Lisbon and at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports/Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies in Portugal. He teaches UEFA-pro courses for coaches. He has also published several scientific papers in relevant journals within sports science and coaching domain.