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School: School of Technology and Management
Course: Equipment Design
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 3092/9072

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

12th grade and approval in the Entrance Examinations and One of the following: 03 (Drawing, 06 Philosophy, 10 Descriptive Geometry, 12 History of Culture and the Arts

Learning objectives:
The set of multidisciplinary skills acquired in this course, technical and practical, will enable graduates Equipment Design, contribute decisively to the functionality, safety and beauty of the spaces we inhabit or work and the objects we use, ensuring accessibility for all types of people, streamlining production systems, the use of natural resources and safeguarding environmental protection.

Incoming profile:

The methodologies of teaching and learning in each course must take into consideration:
» The objectives of the course and the curricular unit;
» The syllabus;
» The means available to the student.

The learning evaluation can be of tree types (Regulation School):
» Continuous assessment;
» Periodic evaluation;
» Final evaluation.

Output profile:

Career Opportunities:
Graduates in Equipment Design can develop its activity on the design of environments (indoor and outdoor), equipment, machinery, vehicles and objects, directing the construction, manufacture or production, integrating consultants, project or consulting firms or research institutions and teaching.


Course director:
Paulo Carlos da Rocha Costa (Telf. 271 220 120, Ext. 1203,email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
UET1032Creative Expression Drawing11 5 Guide course unit
UET1030Technical Drawing and CAD11 5 Guide course unit
UET1029History of Design I11 5 Guide course unit
UET1027Investigative Techniques11 5 Guide course unit
UET1026Digital Technology I11 5 Guide course unit
UET1028Quality, Environment and Safety11 5 Guide course unit
UET1025Art History12 5 Guide course unit
UET1024History of Design II12 4 Guide course unit
UET1023Mockup Workshop12 5 Guide course unit
UET1022Project I - Methodology12 6 Guide course unit
UET1031Sketching and Manual Rendering12 5 Guide course unit
UET1021Digital Technology II12 5 Guide course unit
UET1016Digital Modeling I21 5
UET1020Ambience Design I21 6 Guide course unit
UET1018Ergonomics and Anthropometry21 5 Guide course unit
UET1017Lighting21 4 Guide course unit
UET1015Project II21 6 Guide course unit
UET1013Strength of Materials21 4 Guide course unit
UET1011Digital Modeling II22 5 Guide course unit
UET1019Ambience Design II22 5 Guide course unit
UET1012Aesthetics22 4 Guide course unit
UET1010Principles and Applications of Materials22 5 Guide course unit
UET1014Project III22 6 Guide course unit
UET1009Production Technologies22 5
UET1005Digital Modeling III31 5 Guide course unit
UET1008Fluid and Heat Applications31 4 Guide course unit
UET1007Infographics31 5 Guide course unit
UET1006Furniture Workshop31 5 Guide course unit
UET1004Project IV31 6 Guide course unit
UET1002Prototypes31 5 Guide course unit
UGE1083Management and Marketing32 5 Guide course unit
UET1003Project V32 9 Guide course unit
UCSC1000Organizational Psycho-sociology32 4 Guide course unit
 Design Training / Design Seminar32 12

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