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School: School of Education, Communication and Sport
Course: Socio-cultural Intervention
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 9005

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Entry exams (1st cycle): One of the following exams 06 Philosofy, 09 Geography; 18 Portuguese

Learning objectives:
- Graduate students so that they can be professionals with specific competences in order to intervene in cultural, social and educational areas.
- Provide the students with the necessary formation and tools so that their professional performance will be considered good in the field of sociocultural community development.
- Prepare the student for a professional practice that can assure him/her a compromise with contemporary reality, in what the respect for fundamental rights and democratic values is concerned, as well as the full social recognition of his/her skills.
- Provide for an educational atmosphere where ethics and a critcal spirit are of the most importance having a permanent enlightment of the student in mind.

Incoming profile:

The evaluation of learning in each course take into account the objectives and the course, the methods of teaching and learning, the syllabus and the means available to the student and may be continuous or final exam.

Output profile:
At the end of their training, the bearer of the 1st Cycle of Studies in Socio-cultural Intervention must have acquired progressively integrated, a list of skills that enablehim to:
• intervene in variouscontexts Animation Socioculturalglobal community life;
• Develop, foster, develop and evaluate cultural projects;
• diagnose problems in social and culturalcontexts of interventionstudies performing situation;
• articulate between equipment sociocultural institutions, services andpractices self promoted entrepreneurship;
• work in a team andguide groups of action and reflection in an organic whole and positively interrelated;
• promote the qualityof life of the community.

Career Opportunities:
The course provides a wide range of occupations, either through private initiative, either within local authorities, local cultural and recreational facilities, museums, associations of local and regional development, tourism enterprises, institutions, social reintegration, 3rd age, camps and vocational training centers, integrating monitoring teams of psychological well-being and social risk groups such as children, elderly and disadvantaged populations. Noteworthy are thus different application contexts professional.


Course director:
Ana Isabel Ventura Lopes Ferreira (email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
UCSC1062Introduction to Sociocultural Community Development11 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1103Socio Educational Animation and Intervention11 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1102Psychology Applied to Upgrowth and Apprenticeship11 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1061Sociology11 5 Guide course unit
UDE1046Wokshop on Physical Expression11 5 Guide course unit
 Option A (The student chooses two courses)11 5
UCSC1060Community Intervention12 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1059Community Development and Social Inclusion12 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1058Community Development and Cultural Heritage12 5 Guide course unit
UDE1045Musical Expression Workshop12 5 Guide course unit
UDE1044Drama Expression Workshop12 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1057Research Methodology in Social Sciences12 5 Guide course unit
UDE1043Sports Activities21 5 Guide course unit
UDE1042Musical Animation21 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1101Child and Youth Animation21 5 Guide course unit
UDE1041Plastic Expression Workshop21 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1100Citizenship and Social Education21 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1099Models and Practices of Adult Education21 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1039Intervention in Communities with Special Needs22 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1096Multimedia Animation22 5 Guide course unit
UDE1040Theatrical Animation22 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1052Social Entrepreneurship22 5 Guide course unit
UDE1039Artistic Studies22 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1097Educational Gerontology22 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1096Old Age Animation31 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1051Tourist Animation31 5 Guide course unit
UDE1038Performative Arts31 5 Guide course unit
UDE1097Workshop on Materials and Technics of Plastic Expression31 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1050Event Management31 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1049Geographical Intervention Technics31 5 Guide course unit
UDE1037Programs and Projects in Sociocultural Intervention – Training Project32 15 Guide course unit
UDE1036Training32 15

CodeOptional unitsYearSemesterECTS Unit Guide
ULC1093Communication technics applied to Sociocultural Intervention112,5 Guide course unit
ULC1094Foreign Language applied to Sociocultural Intervention - English112,5 Guide course unit
ULC1095Foreign Language applied to Sociocultural Intervention- French112,5 Guide course unit
ULC1096Foreign Language applied to Sociocultural Intervention - Spanish112,5 Guide course unit
ULC1097Foreign Language applied to Sociocultural Intervention - German112,5 Guide course unit

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