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School: School of Education, Communication and Sport
Course: Multimedia Communication
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 8339

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Entry exams (1st cycle):13 English, 16 Mathematics, 18 Portuguese

Learning objectives:
The Multimedia Communication course aims to train professionals with a solid preparation in the techniques and technologies of today's communication, with special emphasis on basic digital and capable of the interconnect design and design supports educational, training, recreational and commercial.

Incoming profile:

The methodologies of teaching and learning aim to provide students with a theoretical base solid enough, with special emphasis in the areas of communication and media, and a strong technical competence appropriate to possible professional fields in which they are likely to integrate. Include basically:
»Research, oral presentations and critical analysis of models, concepts, principles, languages ??and tools of the theory and technology of communication / information.
»Application of theoretical concepts in the design and development of multimedia products and projects, preferably framed in concrete contexts.
»Analysis and evaluation of the results achieved in practical activities.

Output profile:
Professionals capable of solving / propose solutions to communication problems, integrating theoretical and practical knowledge through the design and development of multimedia products.
» Using rigorously Portuguese and foreign languages??.
» Applying the concepts, principles, languages ??and tools of the theory and technology of communication / information.
» Creating and innovating to appeal to the 'aesthetic'.
» Guided by the interest and ability to constantly update and adapt the level of techniques and technologies, media convergence and professional routines.
» Being able to plan, coordinate and organize projects in their area of ??training.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates will be able to join the staff of companies specialized in audiovisual production and editing, marketing and advertising agencies, entertainment companies and disseminating cultural and media companies as well as municipalities and other institutions. Professional profiles possible, we highlight: graphic designer, multimedia designer, web designer, advertising designer, sound editor and image, photo editor, designer packaging.


Course director:
Carlos Francisco Lopes Canelas (Telf: 271220135; Ext:5253; email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
CM1002English11 4 Guide course unit
CM1003Comunication Theory 11 6 Guide course unit
CM1004Image and Communication11 6 Guide course unit
CM1005Electronic Office Applications and Telematic11 5 Guide course unit
CM1006Audiovisual and Multimedia11 5 Guide course unit
CM1001Speaking and Writing11 4 Guide course unit
CM1001Expression and Visual Communication12 4 Guide course unit
CM1008Theory and Practice of Photography12 6 Guide course unit
CM1009Semiotics12 5 Guide course unit
CM1010Organizational communication12 4 Guide course unit
CM1011Multimedia Programming12 6 Guide course unit
CM1012Graphic Design I12 5 Guide course unit
CM2013Animation I21 6 Guide course unit
CM2014Graphic Design II21 5 Guide course unit
CM2015Audio Communication21 4 Guide course unit
CM2016Screenwriter21 5 Guide course unit
CM2017Interaction Laboratory I21 6 Guide course unit
CM2018Infographic Communication21 4 Guide course unit
CM2019Animation II22 6 Guide course unit
CM2020Communication and Digital Marketing22 4 Guide course unit
CM2021Video Communication22 4 Guide course unit
CM2022Web Development I22 5 Guide course unit
CM2023Interaction Laboratory II22 6 Guide course unit
CM2024Multimedia Communication Project22 5 Guide course unit
CM3025Web Development II31 5 Guide course unit
CM3026Digital Journalism31 4 Guide course unit
CM3027Post-production Video and Audio31 5 Guide course unit
CM30283D Modeling and Animation31 6 Guide course unit
CM3029Development for Mobile Devices31 5 Guide course unit
CM3030Advertising Multimedia31 5 Guide course unit
CM3031Technical Text Production32 3 Guide course unit
CM3032Deontology of Communication32 3 Guide course unit
CM3032English Applied32 4 Guide course unit
CM3033Training Period32 20

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