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School: School of Education, Communication and Sport
Course: Communication and Public Relations
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 9652

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

To entry through the general system, students must meet the following conditions: have successfully
completed secondary education course or qualification or foreign equivalent; have made the necessary
entrance exams for the course and the classification equals or exceeds the minimum fixed.

Admission exams
One of the following exam:06 Philosofy, 11 History,18 Portuguese
Minimum ratings

Regional preference
Area of influence: vacancies: 30%
Aveiro, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Guarda, Porto, Vila Real, Viseu

Other preferential admissions
Courses with preferential admissions: vacancies: 10%

Learning objectives:
The general objective of the degree in Communications and Public Relations relates to staff training in the specific area of public relations, equipped with transversal skills in communication and social organization.
The public relations professional is expected to have a general operating knowledge of all technical and organizational media, and specific in public relations. Must be able to make efficient use of new technologies and of communication and information, without neglecting the ability to interact directly and closely with each other, and flexible and adaptable to new contexts and social, cultural, economic and obviously communication paradigms.

Incoming profile:


Output profile:

Career Opportunities:


Course director:
Handerson Webber Aguiar Engrácio (Telf: 271220135; Ext:5204; email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
CRP1901Oral and Written Expression I11 4
CRP1902English I11 4
CRP1146Theory of Communication11 7
CRP1152Psychology of Communication11 5
UCEE1024Statistics for Communication11 5
CRP1903Information and Communication Technologies11 5
CRP1904Oral and Written Expression II12 4
CRP1905English II12 4
CRP1906Communication Semiotics12 5
CRP1907Communication Research12 6
CRP1908Persuasion and Communication12 5
CRP1909Journalism12 6
UCSC1108History and Theory of Communication21 6
CRP1910 Advertising Theory21 5
CRP1158 Audio Communication21 5
UCSC1109Sociology of Communication21 4
CRP1911Visual communication21 5
 Option A21 5
CRP1912Radio communication22 5
CRP1913Advertising Analysis22 5
CRP1914Editorial Design and Communication 22 6
CRP1915Communication Advisory22 5
UCSC1102Video Communication22 5
 Option B22 4
CRP1916Communication Deontology31 4
CRP1917Public Relations Planning31 5
CRP1918Digital Marketing 31 5
CRP1919Corporate Video and Television Production31 4
CRP1920Protocol And Public Relations 31 5
 Option C31 5
CRP1921Infographic Communication32 5
CRP1922Contemporary Models of Communication32 4
CRP1923Advertising Production32 4
CRP1924Event Organization And Communication 32 4
CRP1172Final Project / Training Period32 15

CodeOptional unitsYearSemesterECTS Unit Guide
CRP1931Reporting Workshop - Option A215
CRP1930Globalization and Communication - Option A215
UCSC1104Social Communication and Sport - Option A215
CRP1932Foreign Language - German - Option B224
CRP1933Foreign Language - Spanish - Option B224
CRP1934Foreign Language - French - Option B224
CRP1937Public Relations Atelier - Option C315
CRP1935Communication and Social Networks - Option C315
CRP1936Public Relations and Interculturality - Option C315

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