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School: School of Education, Communication and Sport
Course: Basic Education
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 9853

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

One of the following sets: 16 Mathematics, 18 Portuguese Or 17 Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences, 18 Portuguese

Learning objectives:
- Develop the personal, professional and social development of future educators and teachers in order to internalize ethical values and attitudes essential for their profession.
- Providing future educators a scientific, technical and artistic formation that guarantees them the relevant professional qualification.
- Provide an educational environment in which an ethical attitude is privileged, critically and creatively, in a perspective of lifelong learning.

Incoming profile:

The evaluation of learning in each course take into account the objectives and the course, the methods of teaching and learning, the syllabus and the means available to the student and may be continuous or final exam.

Output profile:
The Technical Education (graduated with 1st cycle of higher education in the area of Teacher Education) must:
• Owning a set of capabilities that allow you to carry out technical functions in the area of education, is directly in contact with children, young people or adults, is in the planning and evaluation;
• Observe children and identify their characteristics and needs and establish a relationship with them quality education, promoting inclusion, security and autonomy;
• Work in collaboration with other actors in the educational and community building, implementation and evaluation of the project of your institution;
• Observe and integrate educational settings and critically reflect on the events that occur in them.

Career Opportunities:
- Technical Basic Education;
- Employability wide in formal and non-formal education in the field.


Course director:
Elisabete Batoco Constante de Brito (email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
UCSC1048Geography of Portugal11 5
UCEE1014Mathematics - Numbers and Calculations11 6 Guide course unit
UDE1035Plastic Expression and Education11 6 Guide course unit
ULC1137Portuguese Phonetics and Phonology 11 6 Guide course unit
UEDU1095Developmental Psychology and Learning11 4 Guide course unit
UEDU1094History and Philosophy of Education11 3 Guide course unit
UCSC1047History of Portugal12 6 Guide course unit
UCEE1013Mathematics - Geometry12 6 Guide course unit
UDE1034Expression and Musical Education12 6 Guide course unit
ULC1138Portuguese Morphology 12 6 Guide course unit
UEDU1093Educational Research Methodology 12 3 Guide course unit
UEDU1092Theory and Curriculum Development12 3 Guide course unit
UEDU1091Natural Sciences21 7 Guide course unit
UCEE1012Mathematics-Statistics and Probability21 5 Guide course unit
ULC1139Portuguese Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics21 5 Guide course unit
UDE1033Education and Dramatic Expression21 6 Guide course unit
UEDU1090Educational Technology21 2 Guide course unit
 Option A21 5
UCEE1011Mathematics - Algebra and Functions22 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1046Study of the Social Environment22 5 Guide course unit
ULC1140Portuguese Literature and Culture22 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1089Personal and Social Development22 3 Guide course unit
UDE1032Expression and Physical Motor Education22 7 Guide course unit
 Option B22 5
UEDU1088Didactics of Environment Study31 4 Guide course unit
UEDU1087Didactics of Expressions (Music, Drama, Plastic and Motor)31 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1086Didactics of Portuguese Language31 4 Guide course unit
UEDU1085Human Biology31 4 Guide course unit
UEDU1084Introduction to Professional Practice I31 8 Guide course unit
 Option C 31 5
ULC1141Literature for Children32 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1083Technology in Mathematics Education32 5 Guide course unit
UEDU1082Sociology of Education32 3 Guide course unit
UEDU1081Didactics of Mathematics32 4 Guide course unit
UEDU1080Introduction to Professional Practice II32 8 Guide course unit
 Option D32 5

CodeOptional unitsYearSemesterECTS Unit Guide
UEDU1079Option A - Mathematics: Construction and Exploration of Teaching Materials215 Guide course unit
UEDU1078Option A - Mathematics: Measurement and Measurement215
UEDU1077Option A - Mathematics: Programming Languages ​​in Education215
UEDU1076Option A - Mathematics: History of Mathematics and Mathematics Education215
UEDU1075Option B - Environment Study: Health Education225 Guide course unit
UEDU1074Option B - Environmental Studies: Experimental Practices in Natural Sciences225
UCSC1045Option B - Environmental Studies: Heritage, Culture and Territory225
UEDU1073Option B - Environmental Studies: Environmental Education225
UDE1031Option C - Expressions: Theatre Workshop315
UDE1030Option C - Expressions: Materials and Techniques of Artistic Expression315
UDE1029Option C - Expressions: Atelier Musical Expression315
UDE1028Option C - Expressions: Physical and Sports Activities315 Guide course unit
ULC1142Option D - Portuguese Language: Introduction to Reading and Writing325 Guide course unit
ULC1143Option D - Portuguese Language: Latin, Language and Culture325
ULC1144Option D - English Language: History of the Portuguese Language325
ULC1145Option D - Portuguese Language: Portuguese: Language not maternal325

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