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School: School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Course: Tourism and Leisure
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 9255

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Entry Exams (09 – Geography or – History or 18 – Portuguese; application grade 95; calculation grade for entry (average high school - 65% and entry exams - 35%); Regional preferences - 30% (Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Guarda, Porto, Vila Real e Viseu) and courses with preferential entry – 20% (Consult the Entry Guide to Public Higher Education).

Learning objectives:
The graduate degree is awarded to students who show to have a deep knowledge and skills in this area of training, backed by the knowledge got in the High school and are able to develop and expand them, assisted by learning materials for advanced level and, at the same time, demonstrate a level of innovative knowledge in the various fields of Tourism and Leisure; they also have to know how to apply the knowledge acquired, evidencing professional skills to work in the vocational area of tourism and leisure; have ability to solve problems in their area of training, produce and analyze their own arguments; have ability to collect, select and interpret relevant knowledge, particularly in tourism, to find out solutions to solve identified problems concerning social, scientific and ethical aspects; have skills to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions.

Incoming profile:

Learning strategies are diversified according to a teaching-oriented inter and multidisciplinary Tourism for the development of skills by students, for teachers fulfilling the task of facilitating and guiding the teaching for the acquisition of these skills.

Output profile:
Tourism professionals to public and private administration, travel agencies, tour operators, education and training, hospitality and other areas of tourism and the like. Interest in the heritage and cultural identities. Development projects with different frameworks and public.

Career Opportunities:
The various business sectors of the tourism industry require graduates in tourism and leisure, which are directly or indirectly linked to the travel, tourism and leisure, with particular relevance to the following:
• Tour operators and travel agencies;
• Accommodation;
• Restoration;
• Parks entertainment and leisure (theme parks);
• Transport companies;
• Enterprise rental car;
• Bodies central state, regional and local tourism-related;
• Business organization and management of events;
• Teaching and research;
• Training;
• Creation of tourism service businesses (self-employment).


Course director:
Fernando Manuel Florim Ribeiro de Lemos


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
UCSC1056Anthropology of Tourism11 4 Guide course unit
ULC1098Applied English I11 3 Guide course unit
ULC1099Portuguese Language11 4 Guide course unit
UCSC1055Research Methodology11 4 Guide course unit
UCSC1054Historical and Cultural Patrimony11 5 Guide course unit
UTL1034Locations for Touristic and Leisure11 5 Guide course unit
UTL1033Tourism11 5 Guide course unit
UGE1033Law and Legislation for Tourism 12 4 Guide course unit
UTL1032Economics and Politics of Tourism12 5 Guide course unit
UGE1032Organizations Management12 4 Guide course unit
ULC1100-2Applied English II12 3 Guide course unit
UCEE1017Quantitative methods12 5 Guide course unit
UCSC1053Sociology of Leisure and Tourism12 5 Guide course unit
UINF1062Information Technology for Tourism12 4 Guide course unit
UTL1031Welcome and Front Office21 5 Guide course unit
UTL1030Analysis and Use of Data in Tourism21 4 Guide course unit
UTL1029General Accounting21 4 Guide course unit
ULC1101/ULC1105Spanish Applied I or French Applied I21 3 Guide course unit
ULC1110Applied English III21 3 Guide course unit
UTL1028Marketing21 5 Guide course unit
UTL1027Tourist Intermediation21 6 Guide course unit
ULC1102/ULC1106Applied Spanish II or Applied French II22 3 Guide course unit
UTL1026e-Tourism22 5 Guide course unit
UTL1025Geography of Tourism22 5 Guide course unit
UTL1024Accommodation Management22 4 Guide course unit
ULC1109Applied English IV22 3 Guide course unit
UTL1023Tourism Planning and Development 22 4 Guide course unit
UTL1022Global Systems of Distribution 22 6 Guide course unit
UTL1035Tourist Entertainment 31 4 Guide course unit
UTL1021Entrepreneurship and Innovation Applied to Tourism31 5 Guide course unit
ULC1103/ULC1107Applied Spanish III or Applied French III31 3 Guide course unit
GH1027Personnel Management31 4 Guide course unit
UTL1016/GH1008Management and Sales Negotiation in the Hotel Business31 4 Guide course unit
UTL1020Tourist itineraries and Systems of Information Geographic31 6 Guide course unit
UTL1019Markets and Internationalization in Tourism31 4 Guide course unit
UTL1015/UTL1014Hotel Operations Management or Gastronomy32 4 Guide course unit
ULC1104/ULC1108Applied Spanish IV or Applied French IV32 3 Guide course unit
UTL1018Management of Tourist Destinations32 4 Guide course unit
UTL1017Organization and Management of Events32 4 Guide course unit
UHR1011Training Period 32 15 Guide course unit

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