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School: School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Course: Catering and Food Service
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 9484

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Entry Requirements: Specific National Exam of Portuguese or Economics or Maths
Regional preferences (Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Guarda, Porto, Vila Real e Viseu)

Learning objectives:
This degree aims at training qualified technicians for the area of Food and Beverage services. It has a specific training in planning, management, marketing and foreign languages. It has a practical training in various activities and segments of the tourism industry, hotel and restaurant with concerns about efficiency, resource management and rationalization. To meet specific training needs of the Food and Beverage services, training programs are made during the degree, in national and foreign companies, allowing the contact and application of professional knowledge of extreme importance for the integration into the labor market. A professional with this training must master the rules of hygiene and food safety, plan and manage, co-operate in the structuring of menus, as well as in the preparation of meals, coordinate and make food and beverage service in hotels or similar, also performing catering services.

Incoming profile:

The course of study aims to develop students' skills systemic academic, operational and instrumental to the exercise of a profession in the field of restoration. The objectives of the course are operationalized through lecionação of practical classes, laboratory and on-the-job, in companies or organizations with a strong instrumental.

Output profile:
Graduates capable of integration, adaptation and functioning hotel companies, restaurants and catering.

Career Opportunities:
A professional with this training can plan, coordinate and execute the work kitchen and restaurant, including the structuring of menus, preparation and cooking of meals, as well as the associated service, fulfilling the nutritional requirements and the rules of hygiene and food safety, can perform these functions:
- Hotelier
- Caterers collective
- Catering companies and banqueting
- Food and beverage establishments
- Companies in the food sector surveillance


Course director:
Rui Pedro Pinheira Cerveira (email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
ULC1098Applied English I11 3 Guide course unit
ULC1099Portuguese language11 4 Guide course unit
UCSC1055Research Methodology11 4 Guide course unit
UHR1020Kitchen Service and Operations11 4 Guide course unit
UHR1019Restaurant Service and Operations11 4 Guide course unit
UHR1018Food Safety and Hygiene11 4 Guide course unit
UTL1033Tourism11 5 Guide course unit
UGE1032Organization Management12 4 Guide course unit
ULC1100-2Applied English II12 3 Guide course unit
UCEE1017Quantitative methods12 5 Guide course unit
UHR1016Bar Service and Operations12 4 Guide course unit
UHR1014Kitchen Techniques and Practices12 4 Guide course unit
UINF1062Information Technology for Tourism12 4 Guide course unit
UHR1015Training Period I12 8 Guide course unit
UTL1029General Accounting21 4 Guide course unit
ULC1101/ULC1105Applied Spanish I or Applied French I21 3 Guide course unit
RC1014Portuguese Gastronomy21 4
GH1008Food and Beverages Management21 4 Guide course unit
ULC1110Applied English III21 3 Guide course unit
RC1040Pastry and Bread21 4
RC1041Food Quality Control21 4 Guide course unit
RC1022Accounting in Management22 4 Guide course unit
GH1025Law and Legislation for Tourism 22 4 Guide course unit
RC1042Oenology and Beverages22 4 Guide course unit
ULC1102/ULC1106Applied Spanish II or Applied French II22 3 Guide course unit
RC1004Physics and Chemistry of Food22 4 Guide course unit
RC1023International gastronomy22 4 Guide course unit
RC1043Hospital Food and Nutrition22 3
RC1044Training Period II22 8 Guide course unit
UTL1019/UTL1035Markets and Internationalization in Tourism or Tourism Recreation31 4 Guide course unit
ULC1103/ULC1107Applied Spanish III or Applied French III 31 3 Guide course unit
RC1016Personnel Management31 4 Guide course unit
RC1045Management and Practice of F&B 31 4 Guide course unit
RC1036Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Restaurants & Catering 31 4 Guide course unit
RC1030Maintenance and Equipment 31 4 Guide course unit
UTL1028Marketing 31 5 Guide course unit
RC1037Architecture and Design 32 4 Guide course unit
RC1046Banqueting and Catering32 3
RC1024Communication and Protocol32 4 Guide course unit
RC1047International Oenology 32 4 Guide course unit
RC1038New Systems in Restaurants & Catering32 4
UTL1017/UTL1018Organization and Management of Events or Management of Tourist Destinations32 4 Guide course unit
UHR1013/UHR1012Training Period III or Applied Project32 9 Guide course unit

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