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School: Health School
Course: Nursing
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 9500

ECTS: 240
Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

The degree requires as entry exams, as follows: (02) Biology and Geology (B) or (07) Physics and Chemistry (F) or (07) Physics and Chemistry (Q)

Learning objectives:
The course of study has the purpose of ensuring that students acquire a solid scientific, technical, cultural and human, at the end of the cycle, to enable:
a) operate at local, regional, national and international;
b) Provide and manage general nursing care to the three levels of prevention in health care, person centered along the life cycle, the family, groups and communities;
c) Participate in the management of services, units or health facilities;
d) Participate in the training of nurses and other health professionals;
e) Use the results of scientific research in the field of nursing in particular and health in general.

Incoming profile:

The course integrates different courses with the following typology: theoretical, theoretical and practical, tutorials, practical and laboratory, fieldwork and internship. Methodologies vary according to the type and content of the lesson taught such as lecture method, demonstration method, simulation, discussion, debate, workshop, portfolio, project, report, pilot study, case study, field work, clinical teaching and study visit.

Output profile:

Career Opportunities:
Hospitals, Health Centres, Education and Research; IPSS; Private Health Institutions, Industry, Sports Structures.


Course director:
Maria Hermínia Nunes Barbosa e Agostinha Esteves Melo Corte (email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
Enf1002Biochemistry / Biophysics11 2,5
Enf1003Health Psychology11 6
Enf1004Microbiology and Parasitology11 2
Enf1005Anthropology and Sociology of Health11 4
Enf1006Nursing and Epistemology History 11 5,5
Enf1007Relation of Help and Communication in Nursing11 3
Enf1008Education and Training in Nursing11 3
Enf1001Anatomy11 4
Enf1009Research in Nursing I12 4
Enf1010Physiology and Pathophysiology12 3,5
Enf1011Information Systems and Data Analysis in Nursing12 5
Enf1012Ethics and Ethics in Nursing12 3,5
Enf1013Public Health Nursing12 5,5
Enf1014Pharmacology12 2
Enf1015Fundamentals of Nursing12 6,5
Enf2001Community Nursing21 8
Enf2002Nursing in Adult and Elderly - medical and rehabilitation area21 8
Enf2003Nursing in Adult and Elderly - surgical and rehabilitation area21 8
Enf2004Emergency and Emergency Nursing21 3
Enf2005Nursing Management21 3
Enf2006Clinical Education - Health and Disease Processes in a Community Context22 15
Enf2007Clinical Education - Health Processes and Disease in Hospital Context - Medical Area22 15
Enf3001Sexual and Reproductive Health Nursing31 4
Enf3002Child and Adolescent Nursing31 4
Enf3003Mental Health and Psychiatry Nursing31 4
Enf4003Family Health Nursing31 3
Enf3005Clinical Education - Health Processes and Disease in Hospital Context - Surgical Area31 15
Enf3006Clinical Education - Child and Adolescent Care32 7,5
Enf3007Clinical Education - Caring for Sexual and Reproductive Health32 7,5
Enf3008Clinical Education - Care in Mental Health and Psychiatry32 7,5
Enf4006Clinical Education - Family Health Nursing32 7,5
Enf4004Nursing in Gerontology and Geriatrics41 3
Enf4005Clinical Education - Caring for the Elderly41 7,5
Enf3009Clinical Education - Caring for Continuing Care41 7,5
Enf4001Bioethics and Law in Nursing41 3,5
 Option41 2
Enf4002Research in Nursing II41 3,5
Enf3004Nursing in Continuing and Palliative Care41 3
Enf4007Clinical Education - Integration into Professional Life42 30

CodeOptional unitsYearSemesterECTS Unit Guide
Enf4008Additional Therapies412
Enf4009Forensic Nursing412
Enf4010Occupational Health Nursing412
Enf4011Intensive Care Nursing412

The new Study Plan (Despacho n.º 8403/2017) applies to students who attend the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of the 2019/20 school year.

The previous Study Plan (Despacho n.º 10076/2014) applies to students who in the 2019/20 school year attend the 4th year.

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