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School: School of Technology and Management
Course: Energy and Environment
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 3092/9855

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

One of the following tests:
02 Biology and Geology
07 Physics and Chemistry
16 Mathematics
Minimum classifications:
Entrance exams: Entrance exams (95 points); Application total (95 points)
Calculation: entrance exams (35%); high school average (65%)
Regional Preference (50% of available spots):Aveiro, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Guarda, Porto, Vila Real, Viseu
Courses with preferential access (30% of available spots): 087; 167; 169; 178; 179; 288; 321; 323; 324; 335; 351; 353;
420; 421; 437 ; 440; 442; 541; 547; 572; 592; 602; 604; 668; 678; 726; 748; 755; 766; 793; 794; 795; 815; 875; 982; A02;
A04; A52; A79; P16; P47; P55; P58; P76; P79; S46; S47; T07; T27; T46; T47; T54; T55; T56

Learning objectives:
The degree in Energy and Environment is the responsibility of the Department (UTC) of Engineering and Technology and aims to provide student with the scientific, technical and professional competences and knowledge in the area of energy and the environment to prepare them to respond to the current and future challenges of the national and international job market. The general objectives are to develop competences for critical analysis of results and technical solutions, of research and study, analysis and critical interpretation of information and oral and written communication.
In specific terms, the objectives are to help student act with technical and scientific skill in the analysis and resolution of environmental problems and the management of natural and energy resources, especially for the management and treatment of solid waste, water and wastewater, atmospheric pollutants, energy management, the evaluation of environmental impact, auditing and environmental certification.

Incoming profile:
Students of secondary education courses;

The methodologies of teaching and learning for each course include:
- Lectures;
- Tutorial classes;
- Laboratory classes;
- Field works;
- Seminars;
- Study Trips.
The learning evaluation can be of three types:
- Continuous assessment;
- Periodic evaluation;
- Final evaluation.

Output profile:
- Development of environmental impact assessments;
- Development of environmental audits;
- Development of energy audits;
- Planning of production systems, supply and energy management, using criteria of energy and environmental efficiency.
- Development of projects for the pollution control (noise, soil, water, air);
- Participation in the preparation of waste transfer stations, landfills, leachate treatment plants, water treatment plants, wastewater plants, water supply and drainage systems;
- Inspection of landfills;
- Having overview of the operation of a business;
- Ability to act according to the rules of professional ethics.

Career Opportunities:
- Environmental simulation;
- Pollution control and environmental quality;
- Management of energy;
- Management of environmental systems;
- Environmental audits;
- Energy audits;
- Risk assessment for insurance activities;
- Environmental impact studies;
- Analytical process control;


Course director:
Adérito Neto Alcaso ( Alberto Figueiredo Ramos (


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
EA1007Mathematics Analysis 11 6 Guide course unit
UET1130Chemistry and Materials I11 5,5 Guide course unit
UET1128Environmental Biochemistry11 5,5 Guide course unit
EA1022Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry11 6 Guide course unit
UET1127Introduction to Environmental Problems11 4 Guide course unit
UINF1063Programming Fundamentals11 3 Guide course unit
EC1191Land Planning12 3,5 Guide course unit
MF1009-2Statistics and Numeric Methods12 6 Guide course unit
UET1126Technical Draw12 3,5 Guide course unit
EM1016Termodynamics12 5,5 Guide course unit
MF1016Physics Fundamentals12 5,5 Guide course unit
UET1129Chemistry and Materials II12 6 Guide course unit
UET1124Fluid and Heat21 5,5 Guide course unit
EC1120Geology21 4,5
EM1029Climatology21 4 Guide course unit
EC1116Acoustics and Noise Pollution21 5 Guide course unit
UET1125Solid Waste Management and Treatment21 6,5 Guide course unit
UET1123Electronics and Electricity Fundaments21 4,5 Guide course unit
UET1121Renewable Energy22 5 Guide course unit
UET1119Automations and Industrial Control22 4,5 Guide course unit
UET1118Hydraulics and Water Resources22 6 Guide course unit
UET1120Environment Laboratory Techniques22 5 Guide course unit
EC1128Soil Polution22 5
UET1122Transfer Phenomena22 4,5 Guide course unit
UET1114Cartography and Geographic Information Systems31 5 Guide course unit
UET1115Gas Emission Treatment31 5,5 Guide course unit
UET1117Occupational Safety and Health31 3 Guide course unit
UET1116Indoor Environmental Quality31 5 Guide course unit
EC1195Water Supply and Treatment Systems31 6 Guide course unit
EC1131Environmental Geotechnics31 5,5 Guide course unit
UET1113Environmental Impact Evaluation32 4 Guide course unit
UET1112Environmental Certification and Auditing32 4,5 Guide course unit
UET1111Wastewater Drainage and Treatment32 5 Guide course unit
EC1199Quality, Management and Planning32 4 Guide course unit
UET1109Environmental Project32 8 Guide course unit
UET1110Energy Management32 4,5 Guide course unit

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