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School: Health School
Course: Pharmacy
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 9549

ECTS: 240
Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

Entry exams (1st cycle): 02 Biology and Geology or 07 Physics and Chemistry (F) or 07 Physics and Chemistry (Q)

Learning objectives:
The intention of this course qualify Pharmacy Technician skills scientific, technical, cultural and human affairs, underpinned by an ethical awareness promotes respect for the individual and based on scientific research and development excellence.

Incoming profile:

Practices of teaching and learning include active methodologies in order to foster independent work of students, through the analysis and discussion of scientific papers, intervention and encouraging individual initiative as well as collective reflection and, where applicable, conducting classes laboratory with presentation and discussion of reports. To better integrate the theoretical with the practical training has been carried out visits to research centers, hospital pharmacies, drug distributors and the pharmaceutical industry. The internships take place in several areas, in national institutions.
Attempts to develop critical thinking, research and research through student participation in technical and scientific events with homework and by organizing technical and scientific events. The area of education and health promotion is developed through the provision of actions directed to the community.

Output profile:

Career Opportunities:
- Public and Private Hospital Pharmacies;
- Community Pharmacies;
- Stores Medicines Non-prescription Medicine;
- Regional Health Authority;
- Health Centers;
- Laboratories University;
- Laboratories Pharmaceutical Industry;
- Education and Research.


Course director:
André Ricardo Tomás dos Santos Araújo Pereira (


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
Far1001General chemistry11 4
Far1016 11 7
Far1003Biochemistry I11 5
Far1004Introduction to Professional Life Seminar11 4
Far1005Laboratory Practices in Pharmacy11 5
Far1007Galenic Pharmacy I11 5
Far1009Biochemistry II12 5
Far1010Anatomy and Physiology12 6
Far1011 12 4
Far1012Galenic Pharmacy II12 4
Far1013Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals12 3
Far1014 12 5
Far2001Microbiology I12 3
Far2014Pharmacology I21 5
Far2002Pharmaceutical Organization and Management21 3,5
Far2003Hospital Pharmacy21 5
Far2004Pharmacognosy21 3,5
Far2015Immunology and Pathophysiology21 6
Far2016Deontology and Ethics21 3
Far2008Microbiology II21 4
Far2017Pharmacology II22 4
Far2009Quality and Safety Systems22 5
Far2010Assistive Technology in Pharmacy22 4
Far3004Psychology of Health22 3
Far2012Medical Devices and Other Health Products22 3
Far2013Internship I22 11
Far3001Toxicology31 5
Far3002Molecular and Human Genetics31 5
Far3003Pharmacotherapy I31 6
Far2011Phytotherapy and Homeopathy31 3
Far3005Pharmaceutical Technology31 4,5
Far3007Veterinary Pharmacy31 3
Far3008Pharmacoepidemiology and Public Health31 3,5
Far3009Pharmacotherapy II32 4
Far3010Simulated Practices in Clinical Pharmacy32 3
Far3011Biotechnology and New Therapeutic Systems32 3,5
Far3012Dermopharmacy and Cosmetics32 3,5
 Option I32 2
 Option II32 2
Far3017Internship II32 12
Far4002Communication and Marketing in Pharmacy41 3
Far4001Applied Pharmacy Research4A 7
Far4003Internship for Integration into Professional Life4A 50

CodeOptional unitsYearSemesterECTS Unit Guide
Far3014 Option I - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.322
Far3015 Option I - Oncobiology322
Far3016 Option I - Hydrological and Bromatological Analysis322
Far3013 Option I - Bioinformatics and Pharmacogenetics322
Far3018 Option I - Animal Experimentation322
Far3006 Option II - Entrepreneurship in Health322
Far1006 Option II - Technical English322
Far3019 Option II - IT Applied to Health322
Far3020 Option II - Clinical Nutrition322
Far3021 Option II - First Aid322

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