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School: School of Education, Communication and Sport
Course: Sport , Fitness and Health
Degree: Graduation
Course code: L034

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Higher education access exams
One of the following tests:
02 Biology and Geology

Learning objectives:
The degree in Sport, Physical Condition and Health, aims to provide solid training in the area of exercise aimed at promoting health in apparently healthy populations or with certain special or clinical conditions. Thus, it intends to train professionals to act, with competence and commitment, in the area of physical condition and health, in different organizations / entities.

Incoming profile:
Students of general secondary education courses in the areas of Science and Technology, Technological Specialization Courses (CET) and Higher Technical Professional Courses, with motivation for the area of Sport, Physical Condition and Health.

Teaching-learning practices include active methodologies, in order to foster students' autonomous work, in which theoretical teaching is complemented with theoretical-practical, practical and laboratory teaching. The internship curricular unit will allow the development of skills in a professional context in the area of physical condition and health, thus favoring the rapid integration of the student in the labor market.

Output profile:
This course develops knowledge, skills and competences that allow students to:
(i) know the epistemological assumptions of sport, physical condition and its impact on human health and well-being;
(ii) plan, prescribe and apply physical exercise programs, individualized or in groups, suitable for apparently healthy populations or with different clinical conditions (eg obesity, hypertension, diabetes);
(iii) perform assessments of physical fitness and physiological parameters related to exercise and health and know how to interpret them properly;
(iv) coordinate and develop technical and quality management activities for gyms, health clubs and other equivalent entities;
(v) planning and conducting programs of physical activity and promotion of health and physical well-being of populations, as well as public health surveillance, adapting them to different populations and implementation contexts (eg community programs with different populations) ;
(vi) develop skills that allow lifelong learning in the area of physical activity, physical condition and health.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates in Sport, Physical Condition and Health are able to develop their activities in:

• Fitness centers and sports associations, gyms, fitness studios, crosstraining boxes and personalized training companies;
• Swimming pool complexes;
• Community programs developed by city councils;
• Companies promoting and implementing physical activity programs and combating sedentary lifestyle;
• Public or private entities (health clinics) in the monitoring of physical activity programs aimed at populations with certain special or clinical


Course director:
Carolina Vila-Chã (


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
LDCFS101Research Methods in Sports and Exercise11 6 Guide course unit
LDCFS102Functional Anatomy I11 5
LDCFS103Biomechanics11 5
LDCFS104Motor Development11 5 Guide course unit
LDCFS105Fitness I11 6 Guide course unit
LDCFS106Physical Activity and Health11 3
LDCFS107Functional Anatomy II12 4
LDCFS108Human Physiology12 4 Guide course unit
LDCFS109Anthropology and History of Sports12 4
LDCFS110Fitness Pedagogy12 5
LDCFS111Fitness II12 5 Guide course unit
LDCFS112Sports Systematics12 4
LDCFS113Technical English 12 4 Guide course unit
LDCFS201Exercise Physiology 21 5
LDCFS202Exercise Phycology and Behavioural Modification21 5
LDCFS203Fitness III21 7
LDCFS204 Exercise Assessment and Prescription I21 5
LDCFS205Learning and Motor Control21 4
LDCFS206Introduction to Nutrition 21 4
LDCFS207Human Physiopathology22 5
LDCFS208Physical Exercise and Public Health22 4
LDCFS209 Fitness IV22 7
LDCFS210Exercise Assessment and Prescription II22 6
LDCFS211Physical Activity in Labour Context 22 4
LDCFS212Exercise and Nutrition across Lifespan22 4
LDCFS301Exercise Assessment and Prescription for special populations31 6
LDCFS302Prevention and First Aids in Sports 31 4
LDCFS303Promotion of Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles31 4
LDCFS304Fitness V31 5
LDCFS305Fitness Center Management I31 4
LDCFS306Group Dynamics in Sports and Exercise31 4
LDCFS307Physical Activity in Nature31 3
LDCFS308Fitness Center Management II32 4
LDCFS309Sales and Customer Management32 4
LDCFS310Communication and Presentation Techniques32 4
LDCFS311Internship32 18

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