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School: School of Technology and Management
Course: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Degree: Graduation
Course code:

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)


Learning objectives:

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CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
LCDIA101Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry11 6
LCDIA102Discrete Structures11 6
LCDIA103Algorithms and Data Structures11 6
LCDIA104Exploratory Data Analysis11 6
LCDIA105Introduction to Programming11 6
LCDIA106Topics of Data Science12 6
LCDIA107Probabilities and Statistics12 5,5
LCDIA108Programming for Data Science12 6,5
LCDIA109Computer Architecture12 6
LCDIA110Calculus12 6
LCDIA201Data Bases21 6
LCDIA202Computer networks21 5
LCDIA203Machine Learning I21 6
LCDIA204Topics of Artificial Intelligence21 7
LCDIA205Analysis, Communication and Visualization of Information21 6
LCDIA206Artificiail Neural Networks22 6
LCDIA207Numerical Methods22 6
LCDIA208Machine Learning II22 6
LCDIA209Data Acquisition and Recording Systems22 6
LCDIA210Distributed Systems22 6
LCDIA301Deep Learning31 6
LCDIA302Software Engeneering31 6
LCDIA303Parallel and Concurrent Programming31 6
LCDIA304Laboratory of Data Science and Artificial intelligence31 6
 Option I31 6
LCDIA305Computer Security and Privacy32 6
LCDIA306Project in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence32 12
LCDIA307Data Warehousing and Big Data32 6
 Option II32 6

CodeOptional unitsYearSemesterECTS Unit Guide
LCDIA308Option I - Expert Systems316
LCDIA309Option I - Funcional Programming316
LCDIA310Option I - Logic316
LCDIA311Option II - Intelligent Robotic326
LCDIA312Option II - Apllied Cryptography326
LCDIA313Option II - Natural Language Processing326
LCDIA314Option II - Automated Reasoning326

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