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School: School of Technology and Management
Course: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Degree: Graduation
Course code:

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)


Learning objectives:
The Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSIA) was created in response to the growing demand for professionals capable of analyzing and processing massive amounts of data. This analysis and treatment require tools and knowledge in the field of information technology and computing, particularly artificial intelligence.
The Degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a study cycle that blends Applied Data Science with Artificial Intelligence, both emerging areas of vital importance.

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CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
LCDIA101Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry11 6
LCDIA102Discrete Structures11 6
LCDIA103Algorithms and Data Structures11 6
LCDIA104Exploratory Data Analysis11 6
LCDIA105Introduction to Programming11 6
LCDIA106Topics of Data Science12 6
LCDIA107Probabilities and Statistics12 5,5
LCDIA108Programming for Data Science12 6,5
LCDIA109Computer Architecture12 6
LCDIA110Calculus12 6
LCDIA201Data Bases21 6
LCDIA202Computer networks21 5
LCDIA203Machine Learning I21 6
LCDIA204Topics of Artificial Intelligence21 7
LCDIA205Analysis, Communication and Visualization of Information21 6
LCDIA206Artificiail Neural Networks22 6
LCDIA207Numerical Methods22 6
LCDIA208Machine Learning II22 6
LCDIA209Data Acquisition and Recording Systems22 6
LCDIA210Distributed Systems22 6
LCDIA301Deep Learning31 6
LCDIA302Software Engeneering31 6
LCDIA303Parallel and Concurrent Programming31 6
LCDIA304Laboratory of Data Science and Artificial intelligence31 6
 Option I31 6
LCDIA305Computer Security and Privacy32 6
LCDIA306Project in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence32 12
LCDIA307Data Warehousing and Big Data32 6
 Option II32 6

CodeOptional unitsYearSemesterECTS Unit Guide
LCDIA308Option I - Expert Systems316
LCDIA309Option I - Funcional Programming316
LCDIA310Option I - Logic316
LCDIA311Option II - Intelligent Robotic326
LCDIA312Option II - Apllied Cryptography326
LCDIA313Option II - Natural Language Processing326
LCDIA314Option II - Automated Reasoning326

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