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School: School of Technology and Management
Course: Civil Engineering
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 3092/9089

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Specific National exams:
- 07 Physics and Chemistry
- 16 Mathematics

Learning objectives:
General objectives:
Providing specialized training in Civil Engineering, introducing knowledge in the core scientific areas of Civil Engineering, allowing the professional activities of Civil Engineer to develop abilities to assume higher responsibilities at the level of understanding, design and implementation of engineering solutions and to develop learning methods for solving complex and diverse problems.

Specific objectives:
Development of skills in critical analysis of results and technical solutions, research and study, analysis and interpretation of critical information and oral and written communication. In summary we intend to develop scientific and  technological competences in order to allow the integration of graduates in business and professional activity, in the companies' technical staff, projects, consultancy and construction and in the local authorities staff and central government's technical departments.

Incoming profile:

The methodologies of teaching and learning in each course must take into consideration:
» The objectives of the course and the curricular unit;
» The syllabus;
» The means available to the student.

The learning evaluation can be of tree types (Regulation School):
» Continuous assessment;
» Periodic evaluation;
» Final evaluation. 

Output profile:
- Structured synthesis and ellaboration abilities.
- interpretation and multidisciplinary report ellaboration abilities.
- an enterpreneurer spirit with abilities to take calculated risks.
- group work ability and abilities to build professional relationships.-
- competences to apply the acquired knowledge in a professional and creative way.
- innovative skills and ability to overcome routines when solving problems of engineering.
- motivation and authonomy abilities in a continuous learning process.
- performing ability according personal and professional ethic principles.
- graphic, map and project interpretation abilities.
- calculation, numerical moddeling, budget abilities.
- scheme and synthetic chart construction abilities.
- space, cultural and equipment interaction abilities.
- ability to use computer tools, project softwares, image creation and production and databasis.
- knowledge about the different intervention areas of civil engineering.

Career Opportunities:
- planning, project, advice, consultancy and civil construction.
- construction direction, coordenation and fiscalization.
- product and/or service viability analysis.
- acting at the local and regional administration level.
- recognising and contolling the interaction between the civil engineering constructions and the environment.
- having a broad knowledge about the different civil engineering areas.
- having a global idea how a company works.


Course director:
Carlos Aquino Monteiro (email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
MF1014Calculus I11 5,5 Guide course unit
MF1042Linear Algebra11 5,5 Guide course unit
UET1105Mechanics11 5 Guide course unit
EC1163Descriptive Geometry11 3,5 Guide course unit
MF1049General Physics11 5,5 Guide course unit
UCEE1019Applied mathematics11 5 Guide course unit
MF1015Calculus II12 5,5 Guide course unit
EC1162Applied Geology12 5,5 Guide course unit
UET1104Strength of Materials I12 5,5 Guide course unit
EC1166Applied Technical Draw12 3,5 Guide course unit
EC1167Construction Materials12 5 Guide course unit
UET1103General Topography12 5 Guide course unit
EC1168Structural Materials21 4,5 Guide course unit
EC1165Strength of Materials II21 5,5 Guide course unit
EC1169Hydraulics I21 5 Guide course unit
UET1102Construction Technology21 3,5 Guide course unit
EC1170Soil Mechanics I21 5 Guide course unit
UET1101Structures21 6,5 Guide course unit
EC1173Road Design I22 5 Guide course unit
UET1100Reinforced Concrete I22 6,5 Guide course unit
EC1177Hydraulics II22 5 Guide course unit
UET1099Management of Technical Works22 3,5 Guide course unit
EC1171Soil Mechanics II22 5 Guide course unit
EC1179Building Technical Installations22 5 Guide course unit
EC1174Road Design II31 5 Guide course unit
EC1176Reinforced Concrete II31 6,5 Guide course unit
EC1180Applied Hydraulics31 6,5 Guide course unit
EC1181Site Hygiene and Safety Management31 3 Guide course unit
EC1182Quality and Construction Economy31 3 Guide course unit
EC1183Physics of Constructions31 6 Guide course unit
EC1184Building Structures32 6,5 Guide course unit
UET1098Sanitary Engineering32 6,5 Guide course unit
UET1097Foundations and Retaining Walls32 5 Guide course unit
EC1187Urban and Territorial Planning32 3 Guide course unit
EC1188Applied Project32 9 Guide course unit

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