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School: School of Technology and Management
Course: Management
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 3092/9147

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

» Full-Time: 12th grade and one of the following national exams - Economy or Mathematics or Portuguese.

»  Minimum grade: applying grade -95 points; entrance exams- 95 points.

»  Calculation formula: average from high school - 65%; entrance exams - 35%.

» Regional preference (50% of vacancies) - Aveiro, Braga, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Guarda, Portalegre, Porto, Vila Real and Viseu.

»  Housing preference (30% of vacancies):
- Secondary level of education: DL 74/2004: codes 085, 980, P22, P51;
- 12th grade technology via classes: code 604;
- Technical training courses: code 602;
- Technical schools:codes:S05; 345; T05; 720; 655; 412; 201; 733; 433; 656; 657; 746; 747; 562; T24; T25; S31;S32; 748; 439; 341; 749; T26; 549; 548; 750; 751; 472; S34; 590; 425; 331; 557; 765; 831; 708;
- Other technology via classes courses: code 606.

Learning objectives:
The Technic Scientific Unit of Management and Economy (main dominant curricular unit of the degree) is responsible for this degree and aims to give the graduates scientific, technical and professional competences and knowledge in the area of Management as a business science and to prepare them to answer today and future settings in the national and international world market, to develop their enterpreneurial skills and to do their jobs related to business management practice, in the private and public sector, given them flexibility and ability to plan, implement, control and assess the processes related to human, material, shareholding, information, financing and accounting resources.

Incoming profile:

The methodologies of teaching and learning in each course must take into consideration:
» The objectives of the course and the curricular unit;
» The syllabus;
» The means available to the student.

The learning evaluation can be of tree types (Regulation School):
» Continuous assessment;
» Periodic evaluation;
» Final evaluation.

Output profile:
As to general skills and profile when graduating, the focus is on the exercise of the functions of: Administration and Management of companies, financial responsibilities, commercial responsibilities, management control, taxation, executive and consulting skills in various business areas, public administration, accountancy, banking and insurance, and teaching.

Career Opportunities:
Management graduates can access a wide range of professional features, such as:
- Chartered accounts;
- Managers of SMEs;
- Tax Audit and Finance;
- Marketing;
- Management of Procurement;
- Quality Control;
- Development and Applications;
- Feasibility Studies Economic and Financial;
- Education;
- Public Services;
- Banking and Insurance;
- Production Organization, Personnel Management.


Course director:
Maria Manuela Santos Natário (Telf: 271 220 120; Ext: 1262; email:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
CA1052Financial Accounting I11 8 Guide course unit
MF1021Mathematics I11 7 Guide course unit
CSH1045Principles of Economics I11 6 Guide course unit
G1167Organization and Management11 4 Guide course unit
INF1111Principles of Computer Science – Option I11 5 Guide course unit
 Foreign Language I - Option I11 5 Guide course unit
CA1053Financial Accounting II12 8 Guide course unit
MF1022Mathematics II 12 6 Guide course unit
CSH1047General Theory of Law and Legal Obligations12 5 Guide course unit
CSH1046-1Principles of Economics II12 6 Guide course unit
INF1112Information Technology12 5 Guide course unit
 Foreign Language II - Option II12 5 Guide course unit
CSH1053Organizational Psycho-sociology - Option II12 5 Guide course unit
CSH1015Company and Labour Law21 5 Guide course unit
G1169Mathematical Finance21 6 Guide course unit
G1168Human Resource Management21 5 Guide course unit
CA1054Management Accounting21 7 Guide course unit
MF1048Statistics 21 7 Guide course unit
MF1011Applied Statistics 22 5 Guide course unit
CA1055Fiscal Law and Taxation22 6 Guide course unit
G1177Marketing22 6 Guide course unit
UGE1020Decision Support Models for Management22 5 Guide course unit
G1170Business Strategy22 4 Guide course unit
CA1057Ethics and Social Responsibility - Option III22 4 Guide course unit
UGE1023Market Research - Option III22 4 Guide course unit
CA1056Financial Audit - Option III22 4 Guide course unit
UGE1018International Management31 5 Guide course unit
UGE1021Management Control31 5 Guide course unit
G1171Quality Management31 5 Guide course unit
G1172Management Games31 5 Guide course unit
CSH1006Business Economics31 5 Guide course unit
CA1058Financial Management31 5 Guide course unit
G1176Operations Management32 5 Guide course unit
G1175Entrepreneurship32 3 Guide course unit
CA1059Appraisal and Scheduling of Investment Projects - Option IV32 5 Guide course unit
UGE1022E-Business - Option IV32 5 Guide course unit
G1174Logistics - Option IV32 5 Guide course unit
G1173Final Project32 17 Guide course unit

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