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School: School of Technology and Management
Course: Human Resources Management
Degree: Graduation
Course code: 3092/9157

ECTS: 180
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

One of the following tests: 04 Economics or 13 English or 18 Portuguese or 06 Philosophy

Learning objectives:
The graduate in HRM must master the personal function of any organization, never excluding its comprehensiveness. They should be able to master:
(i) Skills in the area of human resources, planning, management, evaluation and control, framed in economics, business and behavioral sciences,
(ii) expression and communication consistent with professional practice, negotiation processes and inter-individual, -group and -organization communications,
(iii) Ability to interpret qualitative and quantitative information to solve problems,
(iv) effective Self-management in terms of time and behavior,
(v) dynamic and individual and entrepreneurial initiative;
(vi) Develop programs to improve skills and performance of employees and organizations, and
(vii) outline career plans. In short, it should be able to have a good performance in the Personal area of an organization, but always framed by the economic and financial reality of that organization, observing the socio-economic context.

Incoming profile:

The methodologies of teaching and learning in each course must take into consideration:
» The objectives of the course and the curricular unit;
» The syllabus;
» The means available to the student.

The learning evaluation can be of tree types (Regulation School):
» Continuous assessment;
» Periodic evaluation;
» Final evaluation.

Output profile:
Practical and theoretical knowledge of the Curricular Units that are specific to the curriculum. Competences in the area of human resources at the level of planning, management, evaluation and control associated with economic and business sciences.
Attitude towards permanent learning, awareness of the value of culture, research and education, as well as aptitude for developing self-directional learning and the advantage of continuous formation.Capacity to negotiate, persuade and defend. Develop expression and communication compatible with professional functions, processes of negotiation and inter-personal communications in groups and organizations. Draw up reports.
Ability to interpret qualitative and quantitative information in order to solve problems.
Use technologies of information and communication in the acquisition, analysis and communication of information, whether operating data processing systems or in the applying computer programs in personnel management as part of an integrated system.
Identify changes in the political, economic and social context and their repercussions in the management of human resources.
Plan, organize and define politics of human resources.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates in Human Resource Management can access a wide range of professional features, such as:
- Human Resources Manager
- Technical Human Resources
- Human Resources Consultant
- Manager Careers
- Dinamizador Team Work
- Trainer, mentor and designer of training programs


Course director:
Maria Elisa Lopes de Figueiredo (Tel: 271 220165; e mail:


CodeUnitYearSemesterECTSGuide Course Unit
MF1023Mathematics for Social Sciences11 7 Guide course unit
CSH1058Sociology of Organizations11 4 Guide course unit
CSH1005Company and Labouring Law11 5 Guide course unit
CSH1054Economics11 7 Guide course unit
CA1060Financial Accounting Basis11 7 Guide course unit
CSH1055Economics of Human Resources and Labour12 5 Guide course unit
UGE1017Management of the Organizations12 4 Guide course unit
CSH1056Social Psychology 112 6 Guide course unit
CA1061Financial Analysis Basis12 6 Guide course unit
G1178Business Communication12 6 Guide course unit
 Option I12 3
GRH1048Statistics21 7 Guide course unit
CSH1039Labour Law and Social Protection21 6 Guide course unit
CSH1057Social Psychology II21 5 Guide course unit
GRH1171Managing of Total Quality21 5 Guide course unit
G1179Change and Organizational Development21 7 Guide course unit
G1176Operations Management22 5 Guide course unit
G1181Planning and Analysis of Functions22 9 Guide course unit
CSH1059Global Economy and Comparative Management22 7 Guide course unit
G1180Market Research22 6 Guide course unit
 Option II22 3
G1185Work’s Hygiene and Security31 6 Guide course unit
G1186Recruitment and Employment31 6 Guide course unit
G1183Ergonomics31 5 Guide course unit
G1182Evaluation of Performance and Careers Administration31 7 Guide course unit
G1184Training Management and Development of the Human Potential31 6 Guide course unit
G1175Entrepreneurship32 3 Guide course unit
G1187Diagnosis and Intervention in the Organizations32 6 Guide course unit
CSH1060Innovation and Creativity32 4 Guide course unit
G1173Period of training in enterprise context or degree project32 17 Guide course unit

CodeOptional unitsYearSemesterECTS Unit Guide
UGE1016Option I - Technical Reports and Text Editing123 Guide course unit
UGE1015Option I - Social responsibility and Volunteering123 Guide course unit
UINF1026Option II - Spreadsheet223 Guide course unit
UINF1025Option II - Social Media Basics223 Guide course unit

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