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The Polytechnic  of Guarda services are:
» the Presidency
» the Law Office
» the International Relations Office
» the Planning Office
» the Documentation and Copy Services
» the Training Services
» the Informatics Department
» the Audiovisual and Publication Department
» the Technical Office
» the Sports Department
» the Library
» the Swimming Pool

The Social Services of the Polytechnic of Guarda are an organic unit with financial and administrative autonomy, whose main aim is to provide financial support, benefits and services, in order to offer better study conditions for the students.


On campus catering
Canteen 1, located on the main Campus of the Polytechnic, serves lunches from Monday to Friday, with a capacity of 248 and Canteen 2, located next to the Student Halls of Residence, where lunch and dinner are served every day, which has a capacity of 188. In Seia, at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the Canteen has a capacity of 124.
The Grill, near Canteen I, offers a service for the entire polytechnic community, serving grilled meat and/or fish at lunchtime daily.
The lunch period is from 12.00 am to 2.00 pm and dinner from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm. The price of a meal at the canteen is 2,30€ for the students and 4,10€ for the rest of the staff (academic and non-academic). Prices at the Grill may vary from 3,50€ to 4,50€.

Student Accommodation
The Social Services of the Polytechnic of Guarda manage a complex of four student residences, with a total capacity for 395 students: two Female Residences and two Male Residences.
In these residences, students are offered a wide range of conditions and services, such as central heating, cleaning services, laundry, and kitchenettes on all floors, telephones in each room, a public telephone and a security unit. There are also study rooms equipped with a computer network and living rooms with cable television.
The rooms are priced from 145 Euros per month for a single room, 120 Euros for a double and 100 Euros for a triple. Private accommodation can also be found for different prices between 100 and 200 Euros per room.

Student Scholarships
Scholarships are one of the most important areas in social support for students. They are intended to cover students’ financial needs, thereby helping to overcome economic difficulties in order to secure the possibility of having a successful academic experience.

Sports and Culture for students
The Polytechnic of Guarda is an institution that participates actively in the University Sports Federation (Federação Académica do Desporto Universitário - FADU). Its teams continue to maintain their levels of performance and have acquired a recognized role in the region’s sporting life.
Students also have access to several infrastructures: a swimming pool, a gymnasium and a sports centre for outdoor games. The Social Services also provide two sports fields and a tennis court with free access.

Health Services
Polytechnic of Guarda can provide free Psychology sessions to the students who may be interested in.
A Psychologist comes to the Central Services building every Wednesdays, from 1:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.
Sessions must be appointed the previous week.

National and International Cooperation
The Polytechnic of Guarda has been developing academic, scientific and cultural cooperation activities with other institutions. This cooperation is not only at a national level, but also at an international one. Agreements have been established with other institutions to cooperate with the Polytechnic of Guarda in several activities, such as European mobility programmes or development of specific projects.

* ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME (for Mobility Activities and Research Development)
* Memorandum of Understanding with several countries (EU and Non-EU countries)
*VASCO da GAMA Programme (between Portuguese Polytechnic Institutes)
* Student Mobility Exchange Programme with the Polytechnic of Macau
TLF: + 351 271 220 100
FAX: + 351 271 222 690

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