The IP will contribute to improve multilateral cooperation between higher education institutions through teachers and students exchange of knowledge, experiences and practices that requires personal interaction to be effective. Multicultural cooperation will be increased to the extent of creating channels for continual exchange of conceptual approaches, curricula integration and didactical procedures that prove to be good practices.

The development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practices will be attained by stimulating its appliance throughout the lectures and the workshops, as well as by requiring from the expected outcomes an equal relevant contribution. Each partner must point out an innovative ICT-based development, pertaining at least one of the four referred fields (content, services, pedagogies and practices). The interaction between participants will also be supported by ICT-based technologies and a website will be build in order to facilitate materials storage, dissemination (in English and native languages) and exchange.

Through the planned lectures, aimed to present new insights on the subjects, and the workshops, aimed to produce usable materials, the IP will facilitate the development of innovative practices in education and training at tertiary level, and their transfer between partners and other institutions outside the partnership. But the intensification of the actual know-how exchange is also expected.

The IP aims to enrich the existing local courses of the HEI partners that recognizably can only give a limited attention to the issues of inclusion and sustainability. So teachers and students from different academic specialties will be encouraged to cooperate in the construction of multidisciplinary approaches of an INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABILITY (IES).