Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 13 | ARTICLE


Author: Paula Serdeira Azevedo (*, Carlos Azevedo (**, Mário Romão (***
* Paula Serdeira Azevedo. Holds a PhD in Management Sciences by University of the Algarve, with an investigation in the area of Information Systems. She is a Professor at the University of the Algarve since 1997. She published several papers in international congresses and seminars. She is co-author of a book. | ** Carlos Azevedo. Holds a MSc in Economics by the Technical University of Lisbon, complemented with several training courses on Financial Management by the Catholic University of Lisbon. He holds the degree of Specialist. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of the Algarve. He held several positions as a manager in GALP and REN Portugal. | ***Mário Romão. Is Professor of Information Systems at ISCTE - IUL Institute University of Lisbon. He holds a PhD in Management Sciences by ISCTE-IUL and the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Cranfield University). He accomplished an international certification in Project Management - PMP Best Practitioner Program by PMI.
Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 13

The purpose of this paper is to highlight factors that may be considered critical to the successful use of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in the hospitality industry, in particular those that seem to be limiting a broader usage of these systems in this industry. The paper also contributes to the understanding of how ERP systems may create value to these industry businesses. This is done through a reference model, providing the framework to understand how the current vendor´s offer fits into the business needs of this industry.

Keywords: Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Integration, Hospitality Industry

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