XX Conferência  e Doctoral Colloquim Grudis


XX Grudis Conference & Doctoral Colloquium

The Grudis Conferences hold a prominent position in the Portuguese Accounting research landscape. Since its inception in 2001, Grudis has made important contributions to Accounting research, being the conferences the main moment of interaction of the members. More information about Grudis: https://www.grudis.pt/category/sobre-o-grudis/ 

The XX Grudis Conference and Doctoral Colloquium will be held at the Higher School of Technology and Management, Guarda Polytechnic Institute (IPG), Guarda, Portugal, on January 22nd and 23rd 2021.

The Conference Grudis will be preceded by Doctoral Colloquium which will take place on the January 22nd and is supported by the European Accounting Association.

The Keynote Speaker of XX Conference Grudis is Beatriz Garcia Osma.

Message from the Organizing Committee

On the 22nd and 23rd of January 2021, the XX Grudis Conference & Doctoral Colloquium, happening in Guarda, will take place online for the first time.
The organisation team would very much like to welcome all Grudis members in person in Guarda - the highest city in Portugal and known as the City of Five F's (Farta, Forte, Fria, Formosa, Fiel, meaning Abundant, Strong, Cold, Fair and Faithful), with its distinctive cold weather, but also with the usual warm way of welcoming those who visit it. Unfortunately, the exceptional and atypical circumstances we are living in do not allow for this to happen.
The organisation of this Conference is very committed to its realisation and success. Despite the online format, we hope to provide the opportunity for dialogue between researchers and contribute to an event of high scientific quality.
The Grudis Conference will be hosted by the Scientific Technical Unit of Management and Economics of the School of Technology and Management (ESTG) of the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (IPG), as part of the mission of this institution of higher education to promote and disseminate knowledge.
The Conference will be preceded, as usual, by a Doctoral Colloquium and has, until this moment, the support of the European Accounting Association (EAA).
The conference is aimed at researchers in the field of accounting, post-graduate students (masters and doctorates), and others interested in accounting research.
The keynote speaker at the XX Grudis Conference will be Professor Beatriz Garcia Osma, who teaches in the fields of Financial Accounting and Business Analysis and Evaluation at the University Carlos III, Madrid. Her research is focused on the links between financial reporting, corporate governance, and capital markets.
Given the high scientific relevance of this event, we call for the participation of all.

We call for your participation and are awaiting you (even if virtually) in Guarda!

By the Organizing Committee,
Helena Saraiva


▪ Submission (full text) deadline: 1 december 2020

▪ Acceptance of papers notification date: 7 january 2021

▪ Registration of presenting authors deadline: 11 january 2021

▪ General registration deadlines:
Early bird rate: 15 january 2021
Regular rate: 21 january 2021


High quality articles will be selected and the respective authors invited to submit their work to the following publications:

Egitanea Sciencia (IPG)
European Journal of Management Studies (ISEG)

There are still other publications to consider the realization of the same invitation.


Grudis – Rede Portuguesa de Investigação em Contabilidade

EAA – European Accounting Association

Peer Mentoring Initiative (PMI) do Accounting Research Center (ARC)



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